Value Added

  1. Competitive Pricing
    1. Across the board, no other competitor can give you more competitive pricing than New Life.
    2. New Life’s volume buying assures you of a “competitive edge” in your parts purchasing.
  1. Inventory Turns
    1. With New Life’s 27 million dollar inventory investment, we have both the breadth and depth on all major lines that will allow you to purchase only what is necessary and not risk the chance of obsolescence and overstocked parts.
    2. Using New Life’s “exclusive” annual stock rotation you are able to exchange your overstocked or obsolete parts with certain restrictions.
    3. With New Life’s inventory levels you can be assured of 97%-98% fill rates with each and every order.
  1. New Life Delivery System (NLDS)
    1. New Life’s low prepaid levels make it easy to put stock orders together every week.
    2. New Life deliveries are made with company owned equipment, not dedicated trailers subject to other loads.
    3. With our own equipment, we control your order from the time you place it until it arrives at your location. We call that “Total Order Control”.
    4. All of New Life’s equipment is able to haul the longer materials that others can’t.
  1. Quality Products
    1. New Life has developed strong customer relationships with all the major manufacturers to assure our customers of access to the highest quality parts at the most competitive pricing.
    2. New Life is the “exclusive” distribution center for Fleetcraft brand heavy-duty parts. Fleetcraft is a proven alternative with substantial cost savings.
    3. New Life handles all warranties on every part we sell, saving you the hassle.
  1. Single Source Purchasing
    1. Why deal with many different suppliers when you can buy 80% of your parts from the originator of single source purchasing – New Life Transport Parts Center.
    2. With New Life, your time spent with your customers will double; as you reduce your time spent shopping and buying parts.
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